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Your website and existing or new domain name will be setup for you. If design is needed we will contact you for the details & keep you informed of updating. Once completed we will do a walkthrough with you.
Yes, the learning curve is small and instructions are included, plus a realtime walkthrough is performed with you.
Yes, your purchase is for one website and the domain name is yours, as are 100% of all the sales!
Opt in text marketing phone numbers with your message that they respond back positve to. Only the responses count towards your lead amount, not the actual amount we send. For example we sent 1000 texts and 75 responded, the 75 would be counted.
They are custom created to connect to your site and are compliant for both androids play store and ios itunes. Once completed an account is needed on both platforms by you, and there is a small cost by both google and apple to have the apps in their stores. We will do the setup etc for you if desired.

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modifications done to any script files voids any and all warranty.

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