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The team at Sports will give you the winning edge. We have been selecting winners on a consistent basis with our knowledge and expertise.
We make sure every statistic is analyzed and correlated properly to make sure you are winning in the long run as our selections have been proven to win on a consistent basis, while all our picks are tracked on our records page. We rate our selections on a 5 star scale and we only release the best selections to make sure our clients have the best chance of being profitable with our insight. We have thousands of satisfied clients and would like the opportunity to prove our added value to you.

The Platinum page summarizes my opinion on a game using three methods: how my prediction formulas are picking the game, how the key trends pick the game, and how well the two teams have fared against each other in the past in head-to-head matchups. If all three methods favor the same team, then I recommends the game as a Platinum Pick. If two methods agree, and one has no opinion, the game is recommended as a strong play. If two methods agree and one method is opposed, the game is called a possible play. Otherwise, no recommendation is made. The analysis is performed both against the spread ATS, and against the totals line for over/under selections. There are always all kinds of debates and questions...Who is it in the industry that can generate a long term profit? With the right contacts and connections is it possible that I can create an additional revenue stream? Is it possible that I can use sports betting as a vehicle for short and long term success? Well, around this time of year there is no question about it! Our worldwide staff with collectively over 200 years of sports gaming experience is your answer. One on one exclusive consultation available.